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About Us

At Here’s The Plan, we specialise in helping businesses optimise their utility and telecom costs, develop strategies for achieving Net-Zero goals, ensure compliance with regulations, and enhance sustainability practices.

Our team come from all over central Scotland, boasting decades of collective experience and extensive knowledge within the utilities industry. This depth of understanding enables us to address the wide array of challenges your business encounters. We pride ourselves on presenting your options clearly and executing your chosen solutions to the exact standards your business deserves.

This commitment to excellence ensures that you will always feel trust and peace of mind, knowing that there will be no surprises when we say to you… Here’s The Plan.

Meet the Team

Douglas Reid

Managing Director

Roddy Dalziel

Technical Director

Annette Welch

Business Development Director

Jonathan Henderson

Non-Executive Director

Lynn Ritchie

1st For Energy Director

Sam Grace

Head of Operations

Christian Williams

Head of Commercial Services

Jake Meakins

Business Development Manager

Chris Stewart

Head of Finance

Gary Duncan-Fairbairn

Head of Bureau Services

Alistair Coar

Key Account Executive

Ruth Curran

Senior Account Manager

Christina Carlon

Senior Account Manager

Marilyn Kennedy

Senior Account Manager

Rowan Charity

Marketing & Account Manager

Lucia Paul Martinez

Account Manager

Alan Roxburgh

Account Manager

Gordon Barlow

Account Manger

Tanya Hay

Operations Manager

Calum McErlane

Sustainability & Compliance Manager

Austin Parley

Sustainability Coordinator

Michaela Charles

Business and Finance Administrator

Margaret Livingstone

Office Administrator

Gemma Yeats

Business Administrator

Ben Frame

Data Analyst