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Managing Utilities is Taking Over Your Job

If you are anything like our clients, you have been throwing time and money (and employees) at managing your utilities. Your contract rates, estimated bills, and compliance issues seem to keep coming back to haunt you and your bottom line no matter what you do.

The good news is that at Here's the Plan, we take that off your to-do list. You don't have to focus on utilities procurement, negotiating fees, managing contract deadlines, spiraling rates, meter upgrades, and confusing Net-Zero goals.

That's for us to do.

Now you can get back to focusing on your business, your customers, and growing your bottom line...not your growing anxiety about utilities.

Take Utilities off my 'To Do' List

Take Utilities off my 'To Do' List

Collaborative Utilities Management -
We Get to Know You, Your Business, and How You Want to Operate.
Then We Get to Work on a Plan Tailored to Your Business.

Pro-active Contract and Rate Management

Discrepancies and Disputes Belong on Our Desk, Not Yours

Our proactive management approach allows us to flag anything that doesn't look right, get answers, and resolve the problem - sometimes before you even notice anything happened. All with a smile from your dedicated Account Manager.

Ongoing Consultation

The Right Advice at the Right Time

By learning how your team operates through site visits and ongoing consultation, we can pinpoint anomalies and inefficiencies, and come up with a plan to resolve them. We want to know how you work, where you work, and how Here’s The Plan can help you today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Green Compliance Support

Environmental Regulation Adaptation with Support

Change isn't easy, but regulations are a part of doing business in the UK. We are here to not only help you meet reporting obligations, but help build a plan for your company culture, social media presence and more. You aren't in this alone with Here's the Plan.

Super Easy Switching Service

We Make Switching Super Easy!

Collaboration is all a part of how Here's the Plan works, from the very beginning and all the way through our long-term relationship. So to get off on the right foot, we coordinate with your team to ensure hardware, software, meter upgrades and replacements are all handled without a disruption in service. We don't miss a step, and we don't want you or your customers to either.

Triple A Planning - Montrose Port Authority's Sustainable Tomorrow

The Client: Montrose Port Authority hold the ambition to become the first Net-Zero Port in the UK, working towards UK Net-Zero targets and complying with clean air policies around Ports. As an existing utility client, they approached the team at Here’s The Plan for guidance towards a more sustainable future. 

Triple A Planning - Montrose Port Authority's Sustainable Tomorrow

With over 25 years in utility management and contract negotiation, we know our way around a utility contract. We know how to squeeze a better rate out of a provider, keep your costs under control and help you maximise efficiencies.

Compliance Consulting from Here's the Plan

Get Back to Running Your Business,

We'll Take Care of Your Utilities.

Do you have the experience it takes to proactively manage your utilities contracts, negotiate with suppliers, create a long-term energy strategy and get all your employess on board?

You can keep on trying to negotiate with brokers that are here one day and gone the next, or you can work with Here's the Plan, a trusted partner in the energy industry.

I want to run my business, not my utility contracts

I want to run my business, not my utility contracts

Costs Down, Efficiency Up, and a Utilities Management Company
in it With You for the Long Run.

With Here's the Plan, You Get:

Start building on the savings, efficiencies and planning it takes in today's complex utilities market to be a successful business.

  • Dispute resolution so that you can focus on your business, not someone else's mistake
  • Assurance that the right tool is being used for the right job
  • Annual efficiency audit; no money wasted on things you aren't using
  • Super-easy switching service for a smooth transition from one provider to the next
  • Green compliance support to avoid fines and keep your name green
  • Proactive contract management meaning no more runaway rates
  • Low rate negotiation on your behalf
  • Zero surprises on your monthly invoice - you always know what you pay
  • No more hold limbo, you have a direct dial to your dedicated Account Manager
  • Simplified billings for a simplified paying process
  • And more!

Find out how Here's the Plan can help your business with a quick, no obligation phone call.

Let's Talk Utilities Management

Robert Graham
Their holistic approach covers all our commercial and technical utilities management requirements.

Graham’s the Family Dairy has been working continuously with Here’s The Plan (then European Utility Consultants) since 2007, supporting the business throughout a period of significant growth.

The people at Here’s The Plan provide a valuable and trusted service to the GFD management team. Their holistic approach covers all our commercial and technical utilities management requirements. This includes energy procurement, invoice validation, energy budgeting, compliance, consumption monitoring and energy efficiency.

We are an energy intensive business and Here’s The Plan help us manage our risk and exposure to volatile wholesale energy prices, using a combination of fixed and flexible purchasing contracts. We rely on Here’s The Plan to ensure we are continuously aware of the impact of market price changes on our future costs and compliant with the relevant regulatory changes that affect our business. They are always available to respond to our queries.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Here’s The Plan to anyone looking for a trusted partner to manage their utility supplies in a highly conscientious manner.

Robert Graham, Managing Director
Graham's the Family Dairy Group
Graham Reid
With Here's The Plan, you know any issues will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

As clients of Here’s The Plan for over 10 years, our company Robert Reid & Son has received nothing but continued and dedicated service. I deal directly with one Account Manager allowing for a customised working relationship solely for my business.

The expertise and strength of Here’s The Plan enables them to source the lowest utility prices on various contracts with different end dates.

I find it very difficult and time consuming to deal directly with utility companies so to be able to make one call or email to my Account Manager saves me hanging on to the end of a phone line or looking for unanswered emails, with Here’s The Plan you know any issues will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

We did try another company on a fixed two-year deal but promptly returned to Here’s The Plan after the contract end date as the level of customer support was not there.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Here’s The Plan.

Graham Reid, Owner
Robert Reid & Son