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April Staff Spotlight - Austin Parley

This month, we shine the spotlight on Austin Parley, our dedicated Sustainability Coordinator! Austin’s passion for environmental stewardship and data-driven insights drives our commitment to sustainability initiatives. Join us in celebrating Austin's journey and his invaluable contributions to our team's mission of fostering a greener future.

➢ How long have you been in the energy industry and what’s one piece of advice you would give to someone new to our industry?

I have been in the energy industry for a little over two years now, I began my journey with Here’s The Plan in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree and a little under of a year of work experience specifically in the environmental field.

One piece of advice I would share with other newcomers is that “Data is King”. You can understand where you come from, where you are going and what the outcome is likely to be all thanks to data.

➢ Do/did you have a mentor, if so tell us about them.

During my employment at Here’s The Plan, I’ve had many mentors, John Watson walked me through processes and taught me how to master our systems. My initial attraction to Here’s The Plan was through our sustainability themed practices, with Christian William and Sam Grace, who were more than helpful guiding my adjustment from career into environmental regulations and sustainability.

➢ What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best piece of advice somebody has given me is from my father who would tell me when I was young, “Work hard so you have good choices in life.” I think he was trying to tell us put in the effort now so you can see the benefit of your hard work later down the line. This has helped me to build the foundation for a strong work ethic which is key in tackling new challenges, showing results and becoming a reliable team member.

➢ What’s one activity you complete on behalf of clients that would surprise people of its difficulty?

Arranging a new meter connection alongside an import meter upgrade from NHH to HH is like opening a can of worms inside a vulture’s nest, it tends to attract problems. Utilising experience of dealing with different energy suppliers and network regulations I specialise in keeping these projects on time and within the correct parameters. With so many parties involved in the process, without proper knowledge it's easy for issues and delays to occur.

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