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Here's The Plan Secures Chairman's Award at CeeD Awards 2024!

It's time to Celebrate! 

On February 29th at the 2024 CeeD Awards Here's The Plan won the prestigious Chairmans Award! 

CeeD is the Centre for Engineering, Education and Development. The organisation brings together the best Scotland has to offer to create a network of the greatest talents, expertise, experience and resources in the pursuit of operational excellence. 

We're absolutely delighted to share such exciting news!

CeeD is a fantastic organisation which boosts some of Scotland's biggest brands as its members. So many of our wonderful clients are members of CeeD and we're so pleased to share this amazing network with them and so many others.

The award really is a team win, Here's The Plan is made up of so many amazing individuals who work together every day to form our HTP Family! Every single member of the team works so hard that they each deserve an award, but for now hopefully this recent success will help us and all of our clients celebrate everything we do here and fuel us to continue to push towards a more sustainable Scotland and continue to deliver outstanding service to all of our clients across the UK.

Thank you again to CeeD for the award and our team for all the amazing work you do!

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