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Here's The Team - Jake

After receiving positive feedback about our Planet, People, Progress mini series, we’ve decided to do another series focusing on our members of staff. This week we’ll be focusing on Jake and providing a little insight into their everyday at Here’s The Plan.

What is an average day in your role?

My average day involves assisting my clients who may have any telecoms needs or support required. Telecoms is an area that is business critical so for me ensuring my clients get quick and detailed support to assist their operation is key to my role. In addition, I work with new businesses that are looking to enhance their Telecoms offering through phone systems, broadband etc. We work with businesses of all sizes and at all stages whether that be a brand new site starting from scratch or a business who is just looking for an alternative provider I am always happy to assist and take the stress away from the client.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

I was told by one of my first bosses a great piece of advice to “Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable” and this has definitely been a mindset I have used when finding myself in situations I may not love being in but understanding that those situations are the ones that help you grow the most.

Surprising fun fact about you?

When COVID restrictions eased, I wanted to do something different so I put myself forward to be a movie extra. I got a part as a soldier in a film coming out later this year, was a great experience and something I would recommend to anyone who has thought about doing it!

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