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Are you throwing time and money at managing utilities?

If your answer is yesHere's The Plan is here for you!


Among the several services that Here's The Plan offers, today's blog will mainly focus on electricity and gas contract management.


“Here’s The Plan manage every aspect of our electricity and gas contracts across the UK, securing us the best rates on offer as well as assessing the marketplace to determine the right time to buy.”

  • Andy Armstrong, Group Purchasing Manager, Lloyd Motor Group

Once you contact us, you will have a dedicated Account Manager who will oversee your queries. Your Account Manager will start an overview of your current setup, which includes analysis to ensure you have the correct meter and power capacity for your operations.

Additionally, through site visits and ongoing consultations, anomalies and inefficiencies can be pinpointed and plans considered that can resolve them. We also provide a bespoke pricing analysis well in advance of your renewal date to secure you the best contract possible. After talking you through our analysis and plans, you can decide whether you want to continue with us.

Our service includes management on the transfer of your supply, ensuring you have smooth transition from one provider to the next, as well as a proactive contract management, meaning that we continue to track the market for you to check any changes. We coordinate with your team to ensure hardware, software, meter upgrades and replacements are all handled and when there is a problem, we resolve disputes for you so that you can focus on your business. We also make sure that opening and closing meter reads are submitted, so that you are not incorrectly billed.

We want to minimise your electricity transmission, metering, data collection, and electricity usage costs. Therefore, when there are any money-saving opportunities, we let you know immediately.

We provide other money-saving opportunities, including telecoms, and help businesses to become more sustainable and compliant too.

Please feel free to contact us by filling out an enquiry form from the following link <>, or call us at 01738474630, or send an email at Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Thank you for reading and see you soon in our next blog.

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