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Sustainability Statement

The world is a challenging space, and it is no longer acceptable for businesses to just be ‘less bad’; they need to do more than simply adapt to climate change or rely on mitigation. Businesses need to honestly look at their business models, consider their impacts, and ensure they operate in a way which is regenerative, restoring the planet for future generations – and that needs to start happening today.

Here's The Plan works closely with businesses of all sizes and backgrounds to deliver bespoke sustainability plans that are achievable and affordable for them. We believe that we also need to embody the cultural change that we are trying to promote and embed sustainability into all our roles and activities, minimising our impact on the environment.

Here is our Plan for Net Zero

Energy Sources and Choices: We are reducing our own operational carbon footprint, but our small office setting does not allow for on-site generation; however, we have renewed our gas contract onto green energy and will do the same with our electricity in 2024.

Reducing Energy Consumption: We have installed LED lighting and motion sensors in infrequently used areas of the office to reduce consumption. We have also upgraded our thermostatic radiator valves and installed a central room thermostat so that heat is not wasted.

Sustainable Supplier Relationships: As an energy consultancy, we have agreements in place with numerous suppliers to deliver green energy contracts to our clients. As experts in our field, we provide a full analysis of our clients’ options to make their transition to a more sustainable future an affordable one.

Behavioural Changes: We have engaged our workforce to ensure no lights or electrical appliances are left on when not in use by pinning up visual cues. We have a clear recycling policy and staff are encouraged not to bring single-use plastic into the office.

Carbon Reporting: Our Scope 1 & 2 emissions are monitored, and as promised, we have undertaken a full evaluation of our Scope 3 emissions in 2022. We firmly believe that if you don’t measure, you can’t manage, and the results of our carbon reports will drive future energy efficiency changes to continue our transition into a low-carbon business.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Tonnes CO2e

Emissions Source




Variance (%)











Business Travel










Greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 81.91% in 2022 compared with 2021 representing a significant increase in emissions in relative terms.

The increase in emissions in 2022 can be put down to several factors. First, the return to the office and the merger meant more employees were in the office using electronic devices. Furthermore, an increase in business travel can be attached to more in-person visits to clients. The business does choose to make online calls with clients where possible. Also, in June two members of the team visited London for a work event, which accounted for more SECR emissions than in the whole of 2021. Whilst the trip was important it shed light on the emissions from flying down.

Making More Sustainable Buying Choices: Simple changes to buying office commodities have been made. We buy refillable printer cartridges, recycled printer paper and sustainable toilet paper. Where possible we also opt for eco-friendly cleaning materials and Fairtrade products.

Circular Mindset: It is company policy to consider any new purchases with a view to its whole lifecycle including how it will be disposed of or recycled at the end of its useful life. We have identified companies that can assist with the ethical disposal of electrical equipment, old computers, and office furniture.

Travel Policy: Client and supplier meetings are conducted over the Internet when travelling to a site is not an absolute necessity. Staff are encouraged to use public transport and we are in the process of becoming a Cycle Friendly business to encourage commuting by bike as well as local trips to see clients. We have a blended working model, with staff working from home for around 40% of their working week, further reducing our Scope 3 emissions arising from employee travel.

Sharing Information: Change is always difficult and there is no perfect solution to the often-confusing challenge of reaching Net-Zero, but we believe it is vital to share initiatives, successes, and failures and to build a community of like-minded individuals and businesses who can learn from each other. Our business is also actively involved in Perth Leadership Forum Net-Zero Group and we are Ambassadors for Circular Tayside.

Stakeholder Engagement: The race to Net-Zero requires buy-in from businesses of shapes, sizes, industries, or locations, and at Here’s The Plan we publicise our own and client success stories through social media and blog posts. We believe we have a responsibility to regularly engage with our stakeholders to continue to promote best practices and any changes to sustainability targets or legislation that we identify.

Here's The Plan is committed to playing our part in moving towards a Net-Zero carbon economy. Our clients rely on us to give honest and credible advice on their sustainability journey, and we feel that we need to do our utmost to demonstrate the behaviours that we want to promote. The need to balance people, planet, and profit has never been greater.

“The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have the facts and the solutions. All we have to do is wake up and change

Greta Thunberg