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May Staff Spotlight - Sam Grace

This month, we shine the spotlight on Sam Grace, our dedicated Head of Operations! Sam's expertise in energy management and unwavering dedication to client success drive our comprehensive service offerings. Join us in celebrating Sam's journey and his invaluable contributions to our team's mission of delivering exceptional energy solutions and sustainability projects.

➢ How long have you been in the energy industry and what’s one piece of advice you would give to someone new to our industry?

I joined Here’s The Plan straight from University in late 2019 and my time in the industry has flown in since then! I’ve benefitted from working with such a great, collaborative team so my advice to anyone would just be to ask questions about anything they are unsure of. I’ve learned a lot about all aspects of the job by attending various networking events and webinars which have helped us to develop our services to offer our clients a comprehensive plan for all of their energy, sustainability and compliance needs.

What is one activity you complete on behalf of clients that would surprise people of it’s difficulty?

I am currently working through Extended Producer Responsibility submissions for a number of our Packaging Regulations clients. This is the first year of the new legislation so there has been a lot of learning involved to make sure that we are ready to support our clients! The submissions are due every six months, so collecting and formatting all of the required data can be quite a complex and time consuming process.

Tell us about your portfolio, what industries do you work with, what type of supplies do you manage?

I don’t have a portfolio of clients myself, but support all of our Account Managers with a wide range of queries across all of the services we provide, from energy procurement and management, to sustainability projects, to carbon reporting and compliance. There is always so much to do that keeps me on my toes!

I love working on projects with our team that really make a difference to our clients, whether this is helping them to resolve a billing dispute, arranging a new connection or meter upgrade, or helping them to measure and manage their carbon footprint. We have recently project managed a few large solar projects which are great and really interesting to be involved in!

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