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Weekly Blog - Are you tired of high energy bills and wasted electricity?

Are you tired of high energy bills and wasted electricity? Installing a voltage optimiser can help you save money and reduce your environmental impact. By reducing the voltage supplied to your site, you can lower your energy consumption and extend the life of your electrical equipment.

The basic idea is to reduce the voltage that's supplied to the equipment, without affecting its performance. The UK national grid voltage is supplied at around 250V, but voltage optimisation equipment can reduce this to 230V.

The reason voltage optimisation is so beneficial is that many electrical devices are designed to operate at a voltage that is lower than what is typically supplied by the electrical grid. This means that they consume more energy than they need to, which not only wastes electricity but also leads to higher energy bills. Voltage optimisation can also help to extend the life of electrical equipment since it reduces the stress placed on the components.

Overall, voltage optimisation is an effective way to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills. Installing an optimiser can save money on your electricity costs while also reducing your environmental footprint. Furthermore, with high energy costs, you can make your money back on your investment in under 2 years.

Our trusted partner will assess your building's electrical system and provide customised solutions to meet your needs. Don't let high energy costs drain your budget - contact us today to learn how voltage optimisation can help you save money and energy!

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