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EBRS Bill Validation Service

The Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) came into effect on the 1st of October 2022, running until 31st March 2023, covering the high consuming winter period. This financial assistance is welcomed by all businesses and a methodology has been published, but it can be unclear how energy providers are going to manage this process via their billing systems.

The scheme is structured based on the wholesale energy cost on the day the contract was signed, so the bill credits will differ for every customer and there is no straightforward way of verifying whether your EBRS is correct.

At Here’s the Plan, we work with a range of suppliers and recognise that it can be a struggle to get accurate, timely invoices out under normal circumstances, so applying a bespoke variation for every customer could likely result in billing chaos.

To overcome this significant challenge, we have developed in house systems and software to enable us to accurately validate EBRS credits and we are able to also offer this to businesses who are not current clients.

What our EBRS Validation Will Do

• Produce a six-month budget report showing estimated monthly credits

• Check unit rates, standing charges or KVA charges against contract rates (If contract is provided)

• We will validate your monthly or quarterly invoices to ensure that the correct level of EBRS credit is being applied as per the consumption on that invoice

• We will produce a monthly validation report showing whether the credit is correct and highlighting any under or over payment

• If we validate all six invoices (or two if quarterly billing) we will also produce a report at the end of the scheme showing whether credits have been applied correctly, or the exact amount that has been under or over paid

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