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We are delighted that Hanjun Kim has joined Here’s The Plan as a Marketing Copy Writer and Videographer intern over the summer.


The 24-year-old South Korean came to the UK in 2017 to study Management and Spanish at the University of St Andrews. During his time at university, other than studying, he spent most of his time watching and playing football and every now and then practiced playing the guitar. After 4 years of studying, he has graduated recently in June 2023.


Hanjun said: “It’s never easy to know what you are going to do after graduation, but I knew one thing for sure, that I wanted to stay in the UK. Having studied here for four years, I just know how good the place is and people are.

“For my internship, The Saltire Scholar Team helped me a lot. I received a list of various internship opportunities from them. Some were applicable for management students like me, while some required a totally different major. Among the relevant ones, I thought the job description of Here’s The Plan’s internship was the most suitable for me.”


The Marketing Copy Writer and Videographer internship position creates video content and blog posts which will be uploaded on the company website and social media for marketing purposes – and Hanjun says it is exactly what he has been looking for.

“It’s perfect. A perfect job for me. In the past, I’ve made my own YouTube channel, managed the Korean society Facebook and Instagram accounts, and posted match previews on Premier League matches every week. I really enjoyed creating content and thought it would be cool if I can do something related at work which is exactly what my job is at Here’s The Plan!

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the team and am ready to work here. I am hugely ambitious and although it is not a long period of time, I will be giving everything to produce content with the best quality.”


After a few days of work, Hanjun had his say on the internship programme.

“The working environment is amazing here. People are friendly, supporting, and very hard working. I am still in the process of learning but want to start contributing to the company as soon as possible.

“I’m happy being able to work on something that I enjoy doing, gaining experience on how a company operates, and collaborating with other team members but what makes me happiest is being surrounded by a bunch of people who also likes football."

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