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Doug Baxter
Working to a tight deadline Here's The Plan collated a raft of information and made a successful application which will save our business around £100k over the next three years.

We were recommended to engage with Here’s the Plan and take advantage of their no obligation review of our approach to energy procurement and sustainability. They identified an opportunity to save money on our energy bills by signing up to the Climate Change Agreement, which we had been unaware of. Working to a tight deadline they collated a raft of information and made a successful application on our behalf which will save our business around £100K over the next 3 years. The team at Here’s the Plan are continuing to work with us to make sure we meet our energy reduction targets and report on our progress correctly. I would encourage anyone wanting a realistic plan to reduce their utility costs and carbon footprint to engage with Here’s the Plan.

Doug Baxter, Finance Director
Stewarts of Tayside

25 Years of Managing Utilities Costs and Compliance Across the UK.

At Here's the Plan, we use our years of experience in both the regulatory market and the utilities market to create solutions for our clients that are tailored to their industry.

Whether you are an 18 site automotive dealership, a food manufacturer, a care home, or a boutique hotel, we offer the same commitment to service, a greener future, and the best overall cost efficiency available.

Learn more about the merger of MDG Group and EUC to create Here's the Plan...

Utilities and Compliance Management
with Your Business at the Centre.

99% Client Retention Rate

Proactive Award Winning Customer Service

Your dedicated Account Manager is not just there to keep you from sitting on hold. We proactively manage your account so you never again have to worry about incorrect bills, missing a contract end date, or figuring out your best renewal options. We are continuously on the lookout for compliance and legislative changes, so you can be assured that your Account Manager will have an action plan tailored to your business exactly when you need it.

25 Years of Trusted Experience

Whole picture advice, not just price.

You expect the best price for your utilities and so do we. That is why we negotiate with suppliers for every one of your contracts that come up for renewal, well in advance of your termination date and at the best time to buy energy according to our market tracker.

We have helped businesses just like yours with large billing disputes that occurred before they were our client, and negotiated the refunds they deserved.

Negotiated Pricing

Every contract, every time.

With 25 years' experience in utilities and compliance management, we confidently advise our clients not only of the best time to buy, but also how to reduce the number of units used by designing and helping to implement energy reduction strategies, meter profile changes and more. It's not just about energy and compliance, it's about a business relationship built on trust.

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I want a plan centred on my business

A Net-Zero Tomorrow Starts Today

A Net-Zero Tomorrow Starts Today.

If you don't measure, you can't manage - how do you know where to start if you don't know where you stand? Our Net-Zero report gives you the data you need to take action; we identify areas of high consumption and come up with a plan to make energy-efficient changes to your business operations.

We also offer easy presentation reporting that can be read by anyone and implemented across your whole business. It's all hands on deck, and we are here to guide you through.

My Business needs a Net-Zero Plan...

Lloyd Motor Group - Multi-Site Utility Management

The Client: Lloyd Motor Group are a family-owned business and one of the leading independent automotive retailers in the UK, with 18 sites across the country. Lloyd Motor Group have used Here's The Plan's services since 2006, and as a large business with multiple sites, managing utilities can be a complex and daunting task for the Purchasing Manager. For this reason, they work with Here's The Plan to take the stress and hassle of managing utilities away.

Lloyd Motor Group - Multi-Site Utility Management

Here's the Plan
Keeps Your Costs Low and Your Service Expectations High.

You can keep wasting time coming up with a cost management strategy incorporating Water, Gas, Electricity, Telecoms and Net-Zero goals...

... as well as keeping up with industry standards and compliance changes...

...AND keep trying to negotiate without industry relationships and negotiating strength...or you can have us do it for you.

A simple phone call can be the start of a conversation that could save your business thousands...
...of headaches
...of meetings
...of pounds sterling

Save me from spiraling costs and wasted time

Save me from spiraling costs and wasted time

Our advice, expertise, experience and negotiating's all in one place and just a phone call away.

  • Dedicated Account Manager for all services, no bouncing from desk to desk
  • Contract rates negotiated from a position of informed strength, not hope
  • Compliance and regulations followed and maintained without risk of fines and fees
  • Bespoke service plans designed around your needs, not a broker's quota
  • Solid advice from industry veterans and experts
  • Net-Zero planning, reporting, and guidance
  • Issues resolved before you even knew they were happening
  • Annual review to make sure we are aware of any changes to your requirements

All of us could be working for you.

I want your expertise working for my team

One-stop shop for the utility management and compliance advice you need to be competitive in today's complex business world.

Rupert Hine
Coming to Here's The Plan was like walking out of the darkness and into the light.

Thank you for all of the hard work you and your team put into the transfer of our telephones and internet to Here’s The Plan. Having been with two of the larger suppliers, for both the broadband provision and the VOIP telephony, coming to Here’s The Plan was like walking out of the darkness and into the light. It is no longer a case of fighting to reach customer service to resolve issues, instead personal service and somebody working to make sure the transfer took place seamlessly and that everything was in place to keep the business running smoothly throughout it all.

For our team internet connectivity and phones are a vital part of our business and knowing we have a powerful force like Here’s The Plan on our side to keep us running us very reassuring.

As an added bonus, the internet connection is also more stable and a number of minor technical glitches that seemed intractable and have bugged us for the last 2 years have vanished overnight.

Any business who wants to see celebrity service in action should seek out Here’s The Plan.

Rupert Hine, Director
Steve Snow
A big thanks to the Here's The Plan team who went "above and beyond" over the weekend to get things organised in the background.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was working alongside the Here’s The Plan team with regards to their service. We recently engaged your services for one of our clients who moved premise so there was a lot of pressure to transfer their existing phone numbers over. I was very happy that you took a lot of pressure off my company as most businesses assume just because we do IT we naturally look after telephone lines. Your handling of the reluctant British Telecom engineers to getting out and installing the new lines and constantly banging on their door to get a move-on as there was a lot of pressure to get this ready for the opening day.

I am grateful to you and your team for the seamless transfer of the broadband, telephone numbers to the supply of the router, modem, and desktop VOIP instruments. A big thanks to the Here’s The Plan team who went “above and beyond” over the weekend to get things organised in the background.

I will be using your services again and passing you some more referrals in the not-too-distant future. A BIG gratitude and thanks.

Steve Snow, Director
Control IT Solution

All the latest in Utilities and Compliance.

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