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As we continue our mini-series with the focus of Planet, People, Progress. This week we’ll be focusing on People and providing a little insight to our team and their everyday. We’ve been growing at quite some speed over the last few years, with six new team members in as many months!  


Over the last few years our small team has grown and grown. We now have multiple departments within Here’s the Plan: Energy Management is where our fantastic Account Managers care for all our client’s day-to-day energy needs. Compliance is where our specialist team of experts ensure businesses are up to date on all the latest legislation requirements. The Telecoms team connects our customers to their own and finally our Sustainability department provides businesses with the tools and know-how to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy at the same time!

For over twenty years Here’s the Plan has instilled a culture of personal development. Members of staff are encouraged to explore ways to grow their skills and experiences. Just this year our very own Rowan Charity completed her Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing! Currently, a few members of staff are also studying part-time at Dundee University as Graduate Apprentices and we expect more to follow in their footsteps.

Progression, which we will talk more about in next week’s article is embedded in our team. We’ve had so many success stories of progression, such as Senior Account Manger Ruth Curran who in just three and a half years with the company has received two promotions and now leads her own team of Account Managers! Another example is Sam Grace, our Compliance and Sustainability Manager who created our very own Carbon Reporting tool, which now provides businesses across the UK with a baseline to become more sustainable. Director Annette Welch said “The people that make up our fantastic team are the heart of Here’s the Plan. We’ve created a unique culture which not only allows for personal growth but encourages it. I’m delighted everyday to work with such a great team!”

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