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Here's The Team - Sam

This week we’ll be focusing on our Sustainability & Compliance Manager, Sam Grace, and providing a little insight into their everyday at Here’s The Plan.

What is an average day in your role?

My role typically involves helping clients to understand their carbon footprint, and looking at ways to reduce this in a realistic and cost-effective manner. Everybody’s journey to Net-Zero is different, so my days are varied, with new things to learn and different problems to solve which keeps work interesting and exciting!

As well as working with clients to develop a roadmap towards a more sustainable future, I also ensure they are aware of and compliant with various different legislation and reporting standards set out to help the UK reach it’s Net-Zero goals. Having studied engineering at University, I find this interesting and enjoy working with numbers which helps a lot in my role!

Tell us about your career path

I left school without really knowing what I wanted to do, but was offered a place at Dundee University to study Mechanical Engineering. I worked in retail at the same time, and by the time I had finished my degree I still didn’t have a clear idea of what industry I wanted to work in so I started a Master’s in Business Management and Strategy. I was given the opportunity to do some research work in Mexico City for three months which was a great experience, and started working at Here's The Plan when I came back home. Three years later I really enjoy working in energy and sustainability, and the many challenges and further learning opportunities a career like this brings!

Do you have any pets?

I have a one year old cat called Comet who is on a mission to destroy every room in my house. He gets away with it though!

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