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March 2024 Energy Market Update

As we enter into Quarter 2, it's important to reflect on the dynamic shifts within the energy market in Quarter 1. Here's a summary of the market reviews conducted on a weekly basis throughout March 2024:

Week of 6th of March 2024 – Market Surge Amidst Rising Questions

Gas and electricity wholesale prices surged, prompting questions about the market's direction. Factors such as increased LNG capacity, nuclear expansion, and changing climate dynamics influenced the market. Despite the uptick, the long-term trend remains downward.

Week of 13th of March 2024 – Minor Uptick Amidst Ongoing Downward Trend

Despite minor price increases, the overall trend continues downward. Factors such as LNG cargoes, temperature forecasts, and renewable energy contributions shaped the market. However, challenges in meeting offshore wind generation goals add uncertainty to future strategies.

Week of 20th of March 2024 – Momentum Builds with Growing Price Increases

Price increases gained momentum due to various factors affecting storage refilling. Notable influences include LNG flows, temperature forecasts, nuclear reactor returns, and infrastructure outages. While the short-term trend is upward, long-term perspectives suggest continued monitoring amidst evolving market dynamics.

Week of 26th of March 2024 – Concerns Mount as Market Dynamics Shift

Supply and demand concerns grew in the market, leading to further price increases. Factors such as Norwegian flows, gas oversupply, nuclear reactor returns, and disruptions in LNG supply contributed to the market's direction. While short-term trends indicate an upward momentum, long-term considerations underscore the need for ongoing observation in a changing market landscape.

Concluding Thoughts: Strategising for Success

March 2024 saw fluctuating energy markets with sporadic price increases amidst a prevailing downward trend. Influenced by factors like LNG capacity, weather forecasts, and infrastructure issues, the landscape remains uncertain. As we move into Quarter 2, vigilance and adaptability remain crucial for navigating the dynamic energy market ahead.

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