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This week we’ll be focusing on one of our Account Managers, Austin Parley, and providing a little insight into their everyday at Here’s The Plan.

What is an average day in your role?

As a relatively new member to the team, still finding how I can best fit the need for the team at Here’s The Plan. I found myself in the middle of assisting with sustainable practice from producing carbon reports & assisting clients in arranging new utility connections for construction projects to tracking energy market values & acting as an analyst for data trends.

I record the energy market values to populate our graphics with bitesize information that we can distribute to customers and develop an extensive database of figures and simulate predictions for the unpredictable of energy prices for both gas & electric. The sustainable tasks vary to assisting companies obtain SME loans for renewable energy schemes with the primary goal of reducing your carbon footprint or producing carbon reports so a company can reference their performance against themselves and indicate if progress has been made in the net-zero direction.

Tell us about your career path?

I started as a student engineer within the Dundee City Council while I studying to complete my Bachelor of Engineering at Abertay University – during the months of placement I was able to understand the inner workings of maintaining, upgrading, and facilitating a city. Following the main construction phase of one of Dundee’s biggest projects; Broughty Ferry flood defense scheme I was highly intrigued by the motive and method to preserve structures against natural elements. The planning behind with engineering drawings, utility overlapping and council areas.

After graduation I wanted to pursue a career in the sustainable aspect of my degree, sustainable engineering is deemed worthwhile as it will mitigate the side effects of global warming (and hopefully save) planet Earth. I joined Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce as a member of their Circular Tayside team to promote the benefits of circular economy strategies and workshops to educate the public how adopting this method can cause positive required changes for our future. Scotland is a leading country in sustainable technology and human behaviour which ranks their councils individually to find who performs best and underperforms. In the list of 32 councils Dundee had achieved position 9 in 2021 which was a great achievement as Dundee as city has made a case study of successful transition from industrial to multi-commercial business hub.

In April 2022, I joined Here’s The Plan as an account manager under the Sustainable team, the company goals of helping individuals to companies to communities transition from a carbon obsessed business structure into green energy has a direct effect on Scotland achieving Net-zero by 2045. The main business is a utility consultant but with the experience in the company it is more than that.

What's an interesting fact you like?

I have an ocean obsession which makes me want to explore the depths if I could but an interesting fact of the ocean I like is sharks; sharks are a living fossil which date back to 420 million years ago.

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